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JM Clark services in London

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London 24/7 Plant Hire

JM Clark services in London

All of our services are available in London, contact us today for a quote.

Mechanical Road Sweeper Hire London

Maintaining clean and debris-free streets in London is essential for any community, and mechanical road sweepers play a crucial role in achieving this goal. 

Our London road sweepers come in various sizes, making them suitable for different environments, from narrow urban streets to expansive industrial sites.

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Gully Sucking London: A Vital Service
Gully Sucking London:
A Vital Service

Gully Sucker Hire London

In addition to general sweeping, our mechanical road sweepers are equipped with gully sucking capabilities.

Gully sucking, also known as drain cleaning, involves the removal of debris and sludge from drainage systems  to ensure proper water flow and prevent flooding.

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Other services in London

Rubbish removal in London

JM Clark offers same day rubbish removal in London. We operate a fleet of clean and modern vehicles to collect your rubbish. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jet wash hire in London

At JM Clark we have a huge fleet of Diesel-powered bowser Jet wash units. The diesel-powered jet washers are available for short of long term hire in London.

All other services available – contact us for a quote today 

All of our other services are available in London:

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    Hiring a mechanical road sweeper in London offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining clean and safe streets, construction sites, parking lots, and event venues.

    The added service of gulley sucking in London is essential for preventing drainage issues and protecting the environment.

    By investing in these services, London communities and businesses can ensure that their surroundings remain pristine and functional, contributing to a healthier and more attractive environment for everyone.

    JM Clark also have depots across the UK covering the north and south of England.

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