Bond Coat Hire

Bitumen emulsion spraying and joint sealant services


Bond Coat Hire

Bitumen emulsion spraying and joint sealant services

JM Clark has an extensive fleet of Bond Coat Sprayers and we are widely recognised as a specialist contractor in bitumen emulsion spraying and joint sealant services. We operate a fleet of Breining-Secmair Combi Sprayers, all equipped with left & right side vertical joint spraying arms.

Fully extendable rear spray bar up to 5 metres in width. Hand held emulsion spray lances for hard to access areas. The combi sprayers all have a 5000 litre capacity tank. Rear spray bar and vertical spraying arms all fully operated internally from the cab. All combi sprayers are fully chapter 8 and have night working lights.

Joints between adjoining bituminous courses are vulnerable to degradation through the ingress of water. To prevent water penetrating into the joints it is important that the vertical joint faces are sealed with bitumen. Our combi sprayers are fitted with the vertical spray arms to apply hot bitumen at the rate of up to 4kg/m along these vertical faces.

Our emulsion sprayers can apply bitumen at rates from 0.35 litrs p/sqm up to 1.0 ltr p/sqm fully controlled from the cab. Our combi sprayers are calibrated annually, and our calibration is carried out in accordance with BS 1707:2018

At JM Clark we are proud to say we work alongside some of the biggest road surfacing contractors in the UK we have all the experience and knowledge to cater for your requirements. The combi sprayers can be hired on a contractual basis or can be hired on an adhoc basis 24/7. Our operators wear full PPE at all times and all hold CSCS MPQC qualifications.

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