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Jet Washer Hire

Jet Washer Hire

Jet Washer Hire

Jet Washer Hire

Jet Washer Hire

Jet Washer Hire

At JM Clark we have a huge fleet of Diesel-powered bowser Jet wash units. The diesel-powered jet washers are available for short of long term hire.

This diesel powered bowser pressure washer features 207 bar of pressure. This highly versatile unit allows for cleaning or drain maintenance to be carried out in even the most remote locations.  A huge benefit is that the bowser can provide almost 15 minutes of washing time when you're away from a mains water supply.

It carries 960 litres of water and built-in chemical and anti-freeze tanks on a single axle trailer. A max gross weight of just 1500KG when full with water means it can be towed behind most commercial vehicles. As well as drain jetting it can also be used for plant washing, wheel washing, graffiti removal, concrete preparation and general site cleaning. We offer a delivery service or collection service.

We welcome both business clients and individuals for the Jet washer hire.

High Pressure Rotary Surface Cleaner

High pressure rotary surface cleaners are powerful and reliable in their application. A great accessory for pressure cleaning driveways, patio's, decking, concrete floors, garages and warehouse's. The benefits of using these products are well known, which is why the Rotary Surface Cleaner has become very popular and is now regarded as the best cleaning method available.




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