Mini road sweeper hire

Operated compact sweepers


Mini road sweeper hire

Operated compact sweepers

In addition to our extensive fleet of mechanical street sweepers, we have a selection of mini (compact) road sweepers. Sweeping an array of hard-to-reach areas, the C202 is suitable for cleaning: pedestrian areas, underground car parks, narrow alleyways, bus stops and other hard to access jobs.

Designed to cope with tough environments, the compact sweeper now uses steel hydraulic pipes instead of flexible hoses to reduce chaffing and premature hose wear which reduces downtime.

Safety for the operator, service engineer, and other road users are of top priority, which is why the adjustable ergonomic central control arm is so important, allowing for ease of use.

Featuring an overhead gully sucker, the mini sweeper is capable of clearing gullys of any built-up waste whilst also providing greater cleaning range and access to areas near roads, behind walls and on steps. The c202 additionally features an independent high-pressure cleaner, on-hand to washing street furniture.

Pedestrian sweeper hire

Experienced in providing specialist plant hire to sites across the UK, JM Clark’s specialist fleet of compact c202 sweepers for hire are designed to navigate through tight and congested spaces, making them ideal in cleaning pedestrian areas. Their compact size allows them to effectively sweep pavements, walkways, and narrow streets. 

Unlike larger sweepers, our mini road sweepers can operate without causing major disruptions, ensuring that shopping districts and other high-footfall areas remain clean and safe for everyone.

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Their small size allows for great manoeuvrability, alongside great suction performance and quick engage options. The c202 can’t be underestimated, withholding the capacity for a high payload, of up to 1750kg at 4500 GVW, waste can be disposed on site or taken away upon request.

Mini sweepers perfect for Warehouses & Car parks

Arriving to site in full PPE, our drivers are fully qualified to safely clean your sites, operating the latest machinery, our in-house maintenance department and ongoing programme of investment ensure a level of reliability to works.

Working with both private and business customers, our compact sweepers are the perfect solution in clearing warehouses and car parks. With a depth of experience, we understand the issues and safety concerns with impractical working conditions. The c202 makes light work of clearing surfaces, effectively getting in any nooks and crannies, leaving sites spotless for the safety of future operations.

For us, a massive mission surrounds the environment, through the use of a compact sweeper we are able to provide:

Low Noise: The C202 can work down to 1000 rpm reducing noise levels to 65 dB(A) in the cab. Perfect for late night sweeps.

Low fuel consumption: Through intelligent design, the C202 can provide a high performance at lower engine revs, allowing up to 40% less fuel to be used.

Low Water Usage: The C202 uses a pumped water recirculation system to reuse the service water, reducing refilling costs whilst extending on-station time.

Less CO2 Emissions: At an average fuel consumption of 4.3 litres per hour in work mode, the C202 produces up to 10,000 kg less CO2 emissions per year than other sweepers.

High Dust Suppression: Water jets on each brush arm provide a fine clean water spray to trap dust particles lifted by the two brushes.


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