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    Tarmac Surface Dressing
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Tarmac Surface Dressing

Tar and Chip

As extensively used by the highway authorities throughout the uk road network. This process consists of applying hot bitumous emulsion to an existing blacktop/concrete surface by specialist spraying equipment. Once this bitumous emulsion is applied hard, clean aggregates are distributed.

This combination of binder and hard stone is then rolled and trafficked to encourage embedment of the chippings to form a durable layer protecting the older surface beneath against wear and water ingress. There are a choice of aggregates available for different aesthetics.

Retread or Double Dressing

This process is similar to the above, but instead of applying the bitumous emulsion to an existing blacktop/concrete surface the binder is sprayed on or incorporated to the unbound aggregate surface. Typical unbound surface suitable for retread / double dressing.

Retread involves incorporating the first coat of binder into the aggregate with harrows then two more coats of binder are sprayed each followed by a dressing of hard, clean chippings, forming a thick layer of bound material sealing the aggregate beneath and provides a smooth running surface ideal for long driveways and roads.

Double dressing is the same principal as retread with the deduction of an initial first coat of binder and harrowing taking place. Providing the same appearance, but not as thick.

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